Friday, January 5, 2018

To 66 with Love!

Turning 66 isn't so bad when you have this child on your lap!
The cheerful greeting of "Happy Birthday Nammie"
coming from the car as her mommy unbuckled her,
warmed me right down to my soul
on this extremely cold winter's day.

She has such a gentle and loving personality
with spontaneous hugs and warm kisses.
Much credit goes to her attentive and loving parents!
Our hearts are full and 
can't imagine life without this precious little human!

Thank you for the coffee and treats,
gifts and pizza supper ...
but mostly for your love!

We are in a "deep freeze" over here these days.
However, the sun shines bright, the wood stove makes the house feel extra cozy,
the Christmas decorations have been put away,
the days seem to be getting longer,
and a relaxing weekend awaits.

Till next time ...... another year older and many good things to look forward to in this new year.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Sloppy Joes and Checkers

The New Year is just around the corner - 2018!

It's been almost 6 years since I began blabbing blogging and this is my 400th post.
The coming year may see a bit of a slow down since I feel like I've 
said almost everything there is to say ...

This New Year's Eve we've invited our church group of friends for the annual
get together and the theme is plaids and denim with a retro checker's tournament.

It reminded me of when we were teens and the choice party food was sloppy joes,
I made a triple batch to serve along with all the other "pot-luck" food to share.

I don't really think there is a recipe for this but this is how I made it:
1 lb. of hamburger, browned with a chopped onion
Salt and Pepper to taste
Dried Thyme - just a sprinkle or two
1 can Chicken Gumbo soup - undiluted
1/2 can of water
1/4 Cup ketchup
1 Tbsp. yellow mustard
Simmer uncovered for 20 minutes or so till thickened to liking.
Ladle onto warmed hamburger buns.
That's it!

I'll try to catch some pictures of the event.
Hopefully the weather co-operates and everyone can arrive safely.
We are in a stormy deep freeze these last days of 2017.

Till next time ...... Happy New Year, stay safe where you are, and celebrate the coming year!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

More-With-Less - Cream of Carrot-Cheddar Soup

This well worn and splattered cookbook was one of the very
first cookbooks I purchased as a newly wed.
It was printed in 1976 by Herald Press, Scottdale Pennsylvania

A wonderful blend of 100s of delicious and simple recipes gathered by
Mennonite Central Committee's call for recipes.
There is a long list of taste testers in the front pages with
special mention to students at Goshen College's Peace Society who 
arranged for alternate cafeteria meals.
I love that!

Doris Janzen Longacre, who made this cookbook happen,
did so with much love and dedication to the theme More-With-Less.
Many recipe contributors brought tastes from around the world where
they served as missionaries and volunteers in MCC's world wide ministries.

A favourite soup recipe in this cookbook is the Cream of Carrot-Cheddar Soup
that is often served here on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve.

Today, the shortest day of the year, this soup was served at our supper table.
It was a welcome hot soup for a dark evening, the first day of Winter,
 and two adults suffering the sniffles and stuffies!

Here is the recipe along with a few of the "tweaks" I've made over the years.

Cream of Carrot-Cheddar Soup

Serves 8    (I usually half this recipe since we are now only 2)
Sauté in large kettle:
2 Tbsp. butter
½ Cup finely chopped onion
Add and simmer until vegetables are tender:
1 lb. carrots (8-10) shredded    (I use 2 large carrots or 4 small ones)
1 lb. potatoes (3-5) shredded    (3 medium size potatoes)
6 Cup chicken broth    (one carton broth which is 4 Cups)
½ tsp. dried thyme    (a sprinkle of thyme)
1 bay leaf
1/8 tsp. Tabasco sauce
½ tsp. Worcestershire sauce
½ tsp. sugar    (optional, the carrots usually make the soup sweet enough)
Salt and pepper to taste
   I like to add a sprinkle of cinnamon
Add, stirring until cheese melts:
1 ½ Cups milk (may use part cream)    (I used half cup of whipping cream)
1-2 Cups cheddar cheese – shredded    (3/4 Cup of shredded cheese is lots)
Discard the bay leaf and serve with parsley sprinkled over.

This recipe was submitted by: Marcia Beachy, DeKalb, Ill. and Janet Landes, Phoenix, Ariz.

Here's to the official beginning of winter and longer days!!!

Wishing each and every one of my dear readers a warm and peaceful Christmas.
May God bless you and keep your loved ones near.

Till next time ... looking forward to celebrating our Saviour's birth.