Thursday, May 10, 2018

Too many Flower Beds?

Sprung into Summer ...

Barely has it felt like Spring but suddenly it feels like Summer,
Glorious Summer!

The too many flower beds were in desperate need of work.
Perhaps it was due to some galavanting around Italy last Fall and not
properly putting things to bed?

The "before" is in the wheelbarrow. Forgot to take a picture - oops.

More "after" of this 
front corner rail fence bed.
Things are popping up nicely
even though it seems 
ever so late this year.

I think we have too many flower beds!

This time I remembered to take a before picture of this side of the rail fence.
Do you see what I mean about them being in really bad shape?

Awww - that looks a bit better.

Except for the bunny chewed
Canada 150 tulips.
They must have tasted better than
the other ones?
I don't think we'll be seeing any red and white blooms this year.

Mulched with the farmer's help and ready to enjoy!

Front Flower beds - after weeding.

Patio and Herb beds at the back of the house.

I do enjoy gardening but there may be a few too many beds
for this old gal to keep up with?

I had a sweet helper for one of the days ....

Next will be the vegetable garden ... it's just a tad too early
but the rhubarb is giving a nice show so far.
Some has been picked and is ready to be made into muffins and a fresh pie for Mother's Day.

I was thankful to have this sauna on our back deck this week.
It seemed to help these old aching muscles.

Did I mention that I think we have too many flower beds?
I really can't complain - it is rewarding and good for me.

Till next time .... enjoying these blessed days and the privilege of gardening on this old farm!!!

Proud Big Sista.
Nammies joy!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Our wee Prince is here!

There are no words to express how much love we feel!

He arrived very early on Tuesday morning and weighed in at 
a perfect 7 lbs. 6 oz.
We love his name - Sullivan James
We love everything about him.

eight hours young!

"he's cute" "my bwothow"

We had a few days of one on one time
with this little love.

She has a nasty cough and cold.
Bad timing for when there's a new baby in the house.

Love having her at our table and so thankful
that she enjoys being with us too!

three days young

Oh the places you will go little one!
God is so Good ....

Till next time ... feeling blessed and thankful.

Friday, April 20, 2018

"At the Beach"

The weather over here has been frightful - understatement!
I guess that makes looking back to a few weeks ago in 
sunny Florida all that much sweeter to remember.

Our last two weeks, or so, were spent on the Florida "panhandle" 
near Panama City and Destin.

St. Andrew's State Park had high winds the day we rolled in.

There was lots of wild life and some not so wild ...

Mama Owl watching

These owlets were a definite highlight!

Do you see him?

The wind was relentless but at least that white stuff was sand and not snow!
After spending a few days at St. Andrew's State Park,
we had two glorious weeks at
Grayton Beach State Park,
our Happy Place!

One of many, many spectacular sunsets! It never get's old.

We basically had the beach all to ourselves - pure white sand!

This was our relaxing and staying put time.
The beach was a quick 10 minute walk from our campsites and we took full advantage
of long walks and sunsets!

Each day included "happy hour" (appetizers and refreshments)
with our friends before making our evening meals.
One of my favourite appies was this delicious blossoming onion that
they made on their grill - I have to get one of these!

We had some wonderful meals from the grill and also
went out a few times for delicious local foods
(shrimp and grits, seafood gumbo, she crab soup, etc.).
The seafood was expensive but so delicious.

Never fear - not all of our meals were "fancy".
There were a lot of hotdogs and hamburgers consumed as well (even some Mac and Cheese).
Intentionally however, we tried not to overdo the food - wanted this to be a 
kick start to healthier clean eating. We tried ...

A nice little side trip from our campsite was a day out to explore
the nearby Eden Gardens State Park.
A little, almost hidden, gem that is part of the Living Shoreline Trail
and a must see!

The magnificent moss-draped Live Oak trees, Camellias, Azaleas, Magnolias, Ginkgos,
just to mention a few were so pretty on this beautiful former Wesley estate.
I loved the whimsical statues of playful children that popped up here and there
throughout the gardens.
We were treated to an unexpected show of some playful dolphins just off
of the park's fishing pier! 
This place is often used for weddings and they were setting up for one the day we were there.

Back at camp I decided to try my hand at tie dying - have you ever done this?
We happened to stop in at a nearby Goodwill Store and I purchased a white cotton
bed sheet and then picked up some fabric dye at the local grocery store.
What fun to do this outdoors on the picnic table.
Did you know that bed sheets make the best kind of beach blankets?
They are light and the sand doesn't stick to them - something I learned from
my friend Anita - what a great idea!

It didn't turn out quite like I wanted but makes a great beach blanket none the less.
I'll need to do some more experimenting with this method.

This post was named "At the Beach" by our darling granddaughter
who told everyone that's where we were.

Meanwhile, when we returned home just before Easter we quickly prepared 
for a family gathering, a beautiful Easter Sunday service,
and tried desperately not to stray too far off of our intentional clean eating regime!
It was hard, especially when the Easter Bunny had hidden chocolate 
eggs all over the house and even in our shoes and boots.

Last year, this time, my Spring flowers were blooming and the air was warming.
We are still snow covered over here but the sun is shining and there are promising signs of
a Spring to come! 

Till next time .... a bit anxious and praying for the safe delivery of a new grand baby! Will keep you posted.